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About us – An unprecedented breed of charity

The Shaw Mind Foundation is an unprecedented breed of charity, with a direct and hands-on approach. The charity consists of highly accredited mental health experts, ex-sufferers, trustees and patrons who give their time and expertise, without remuneration alongside our amazing team of nationwide volunteers.

We are absolutely devoted to supporting mental health sufferers and their families, and our meaningful philanthropic approach brings positive, lasting change to people’s lives. For this reason, you can take pleasure in knowing that a high proportion of your donation goes towards ensuring that people who need help the most, receive it.

We have one simple but powerful pledge: to fight and redress mental health injustices. We give our support to children and adults – whether they are sufferers or the loved ones of sufferers – who feel that they have lost hope. We are resolute in ensuring that our children and the next generation will not be failed over mental health. Please support the work we do.


Our chairman Adam Shaw, his Board of Trustees and all the amazing volunteers who support The Shaw Mind Foundation receive no remuneration; all proceeds and donations go towards our projects for the mental health community. We are a global charity that cares, and are fully focused on helping those suffering with mental illness and the children, adults and families who are in desperate need of our support.

We stand alongside those currently experiencing mental health issues, and are proud to act as an advocate for those that feel as though they have lost hope. We tackle the stigma and misconceptions that can come with mental health issues.

We want to ensure treatment and support is made available to everyone across the globe. Working in the USA, UK and in other countries around the world, our awareness-raising programme challenges many of the myths and assumptions about mental health issues.

The Shaw Mind Foundation is also totally committed to supporting sufferers in developing countries and socially deprived areas around the globe. We believe that absolutely every single penny donated can make a huge difference to those who are affected by mental health issues around the world.

We believe recovery is possible for many who are currently not getting the help they need. This is where The Shaw Mind Foundation makes a difference; we don’t want people to continue to slip through the net because they have to wait for care, don’t have funds to access life-saving treatment, or live in an area or country that can’t currently access mental health recovery programmes.

It is our aspiration to ensure that treatment and recovery from mental health problems is made available to all, regardless of location, financial situation or the nature of their illness. Mental health doesn’t discriminate; neither should geography or financial status.

Meet our Chief Executive

kateKate Majid, Chief Executive, The Shaw Mind Foundation.

Kate has accumulated over thirty years’ experience working within the mental health sector as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, Manager and Purchaser. Her extensive portfolio of practice includes working in a variety of clinical areas such as acute mental health inpatient care and community settings.

Kate also has an extensive senior operational management background, working within large and complex organisations across the mental health environment.

Kate brings with her a wealth of experience of mental health strategy development and has been at the forefront of several mental health improvement initiatives that have made a difference for thousands of people. She has led large scale change programmes with expertise and unceasing energy.

Kate’s combination of skill, experience and expertise provides a strong footing to drive forward the ambitions of The Shaw Mind Foundation. Her passion for mental health and her dynamic approach to leadership complements the philosophy of the Foundation. She is a passionate supporter of the need to improve the mental health and wellbeing of future generations. She believes that by working together we can establish the infrastructures that will make sustainable improvements in people’s lives.

When not at work, Kate enjoys nothing more than spending time exploring the Derbyshire countryside with her (large) dogs and family.

*The CEO’s position is fully funded by our founders. All public donations go directly to our amazing projects. For this reason, you can take pleasure in knowing that every penny of your donation goes towards ensuring that people who need help the most, receive it.

Meet our President

kateDr James Espey OBE, President, The Shaw Mind Foundation.

James has worked in the beverage industry for 50 years. He was responsible for creating and developing a number of leading global liquor brands including Malibu, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Chivas Regal 18. James’s last full-time positions were Chief Executive of Chivas Bros and Chairman of Seagram Distillers Ltd. He has been a Non-Executive Director of several public companies including A.G. Barr Ltd., makers of Irn Bru. He is an author, business mentor and backer of a number of start-ups, including cloud computing company Mimecast Ltd. In 2013 he was awarded an OBE for services to the global scotch whisky industry.
He has personally suffered from two breakdowns and as a result he is passionate about helping other sufferers with mental health problems. He works to encourage society to recognise and deal with the issues arising from mental health problems. As a founding member, patron and trustee, James draws on his experience to help provide the foundation with a clear strategic direction.

The founders


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Our mission statement

“The Shaw Mind Foundation exists to significantly reduce suicide across the world. We do this by supporting businesses to shape positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, and by developing innovative ways to support children and the next generation to flourish and cope with the emotional demands of modern day life.”


Any size donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to those children, adults and families going through the distress caused by mental health issues.

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We can all change the game on mental health recovery. It’s time for a new way of thinking to make recovery inevitable for all. Join the movement #letsdostuff

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