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Chrissie Hodges

professional phooChrissie Hodges is a mental health advocate, speaker on lived experience with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, peer support specialist, and OCD resource consultant. Chrissie’s advocacy includes her YouTube video series in which she talks about the reality of living with violent, sexual, and blasphemous intrusive thoughts with OCD. She published her memoir in January 2017 titled ‘Pure OCD: The Invisible Side of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’. Her active blog is ‘Battling the OCD Demon’ on, and she is a professional monthly advocate v-log contributor at ‘Mental Health on The Mighty’. Chrissie holds a seat on the Colorado Governor’s Advisory Board for Mental Health Standards & Regulations and sits as a Commissioner on the Colorado Suicide Prevention Commission.  Chrissie was the recipient of the International OCD Foundation 2017 Hero Award for Advocacy. She is active in the Denver community advocating on legislation eliminating stigma and advocates for humane treatment for individuals with mental health diagnoses. Chrissie is a presenter on lived experience with mental illness for the Denver Sheriff Department Crisis Intervention Team Training.

Chrissie lived in torment and silence with terrifying obsessions and mental rituals as a child and teenager for 12 years behind a mask of normalcy to the outside world. At age 20, she attempted suicide as a result of OCD symptoms and debilitating depression. Chrissie was hospitalized in a locked, inpatient facility where she was diagnosed and medicinally treated for OCD. A year later, Chrissie sought individual, specialized treatment and found evidence-based Exposure-Response Prevention therapy to help her manage symptoms and live a normal, productive life with OCD.

Chrissie’s advocacy began 12 years later after surfacing from torturing personal and societal stigma accompanying the emotional turmoil of mental illness. She gave her story a voice through public speaking and a podcast to break down stigma of brain disorders. From there she began working alongside OCD specialists with patients needing coaching and support through therapy. Chrissie obtained her peer support specialist certificate and worked inside the State Institution of Colorado at Ft. Logan with individuals with major mental illness and substance use disorders. She now works in private practice as a peer support and resource consultant to individuals with OCD around the world.

Youtube channel: Chrissie Hodges/Pure OCD Advocate

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Twitter handle: pureOchrissie


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