Supporting children, adults and families for better mental health. #Letsdostuff


Our Projects

We are a dynamic and passionate charity with all funds raised going directly to those in need of our vital support. We also campaign and lobby governments for changes that act as preventative measures, and improve the lives of those suffering from mental health issues and their families.

The Shaw Mind Foundation believes that absolutely every single penny donated can make a huge difference to those who are affected by mental health issues around the world.

We stand alongside those currently experiencing mental health issues, and are proud to act as an advocate for those that feel as though they have lost hope. We tackle the stigma and misconceptions that can come with mental health issues.

The Shaw Mind Foundation is also totally committed to supporting sufferers in developing countries and socially deprived areas around the globe.

It is our aspiration to ensure that treatment and recovery from mental health problems is made available to all, regardless of location, financial situation or the nature of their illness.

Our current projects

Supporting children whose parents have a severe and enduring mental illness

Around 17,000 children in the UK have parents with a severe and enduring mental illness, and are often living in poverty. We want to make sure that they don’t feel alone and that their voices are heard.


Our crusade for compulsory mental health education

Our government petition – to make mental health education a compulsory subject in all UK schools.


Free talks at schools, colleges, universities and non-profits

The Shaw Mind Foundation offers free talks and visits to schools, colleges, universities and other non-profits around the UK and US.


Supporting and investing in mental health research

By having a deeper knowledge of why an illness occurs, diagnosis and treatments can be sped up and improved. Mental illness is no exception.


24/7 guidance and crisis support helpline – for children and adults

In Autumn 2017 we will be launching a guidance and crisis support helpline, manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This helpline will be for those children and adults suffering from mental illness and also their families.


Any size donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to those children, adults and families going through the distress caused by mental health issues.

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We can all change the game on mental health recovery. It’s time for a new way of thinking to make recovery inevitable for all. Join the movement #letsdostuff

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