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Our Projects

We are a dynamic and passionate charity with all funds raised going directly to those in need of our vital support. We also campaign and lobby governments for changes that act as preventative measures, and improve the lives of those suffering from mental health issues and their families.

The Shaw Mind Foundation believes that absolutely every single penny donated can make a huge difference to those who are affected by mental health issues around the world.

Our chairman Adam Shaw, his Board of Trustees and all the amazing volunteers who support The Shaw Mind Foundation receive no remuneration or government funding; all proceeds and donations go towards our projects for the mental health community. We are a global charity that cares, and are fully focused on helping those suffering with mental illness and the children, adults and families who are in desperate need of our support.

We stand alongside those currently experiencing mental health issues, and are proud to act as an advocate for those that feel as though they have lost hope. We tackle the stigma and misconceptions that can come with mental health issues.

The Shaw Mind Foundation is also totally committed to supporting sufferers in developing countries and socially deprived areas around the globe.

It is our aspiration to ensure that treatment and recovery from mental health problems is made available to all, regardless of location, financial situation or the nature of their illness.

Our current projects

Supporting children whose parents have a severe and enduring mental illness

Bringing Back The Sunshine campaign

Mental illness doesn’t just affect the sufferer, it has an adverse impact on loved ones, particularly children.

We want to make sure that they don’t feel alone and that their voices are heard.


Our campaign for compulsory mental health education

HeaducationUK campaign

Currently, mental health education is taught inconsistently in the UK, and only in secondary schools – despite 1 in 5 children experiencing a mental health difficulty before the age of 11.

Our objective is to implement and deliver compulsory mental health education (MHE) in every primary and secondary school in the UK.


Supporting those with mental health issues in conflict zones

War on mental health campaign

Civilians in war zones live their day-to-day lives in high stress situations. Some of them will witness traumatic events, some will experience trauma themselves. But while their physical injuries will be treated and heal, what is being done to help them cope with what they’ve experienced? What is being done to support their mental health?


Free talks at schools, colleges, universities and non-profits

The Shaw Mind Foundation offers free talks and visits to schools, colleges, universities and other non-profits around the UK and US.


Illustrated cards with messages of support for people with mental illness

The Paper Elephant Project

The Paper Elephant Project’s goal is to address this ‘elephant in the room’ by introducing a range of tastefully illustrated cards to be sent to those suffering with mental health conditions. With messages of support which have been suggested by a psychologist, which we hope will serve as a token of love, care and hope at a time when it is most needed.

For each card sold, 20p is also donated directly to The Shaw Mind Foundation.


HealthUnlocked - our online forum

The Shaw Mind Foundation have a dedicated forum on HealthUnlocked for people with mental health conditions.

HealthUnlocked is a social network for health and is signposted from the NHS Choices website.


Supporting and investing in mental health research

A wider and deeper knowledge of the causes of mental illness facilitates an acceleration in diagnosis and treatment.


Mental health in the workplace

The Shaw Mind Foundation strives to break down the barriers surrounding talking about mental illnesses – and this includes in the workplace. There is no place for getting embarrassed about mental health issues in the workplace and we are here to guide you and your business on how you can tackle the stigma plus ways in which you can help employees and their mental health.


Supporting veteran mental health

Armed forces mental health campaign

Those who serve in the armed forces can be affected by all the same mental health problems as those in civilian life. However, due to the experiences of life in the armed forces they may be more susceptible to a number of specific conditions.



24/7 guidance and crisis support helpline – for children and adults

In Autumn 2017 we will be launching a guidance and crisis support helpline, manned all day, every day. The helpline will be for children, adults and families; for anyone who is suffering from mental illness, or who has been affected by mental health issues.


Any size donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to those children, adults and families going through the distress caused by mental health issues.

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We can all change the game on mental health recovery. It’s time for a new way of thinking to make recovery inevitable for all. Join the movement #letsdostuff

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