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Increasing productivity and brand value by focussing on the mental wellbeing of employees.

peoplebusinessCelebrating the capabilities, skills and contribution of people with mental difference in the workplace, and equipping organisations, leaders and colleagues to ‘open up’ and harness the productivity it brings.

Through our mental health workplace solution ‘PeopleBusiness‘, The Shaw Mind Foundation can increase the productivity and brand value of your business by focussing on the mental wellbeing of employees.

Working with senior management to align and ingrain its solutions into the overall business strategy, we can optimise impact and outcomes.

  • Analysis by Oxford Economics confirms that workers with mental health challenges made an estimated £226 billion contribution to UK GDP in 2015 (12.1% of the country’s economic output)
  • ACAS believe that mental ill-health, including stress, depression and anxiety, is thought to be responsible for 91 million lost working days in the UK each year, more than any other illness.
  • The HSE confirm in the Labour Force Survey that in 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of work related ill health cases and 45% of working days lost due to ill health
  • ACAS suggests that stress related illnesses equate to £30billion+ in reduced productivity, sickness costs and additional recruitment activity for UK businesses
  • The OECD report into the cost of mental ill health to UK Plc recommended all UK employers carry out workplace screening for depression and anxiety
  • The overall impact of stress and mental ill health on UK Plc is thought to be in excess of £100 billion according to the Independent Commission on Adult Acute Mental Healthcare

Services we offer are;



Collegiate mental difference discussion, sharing and support

Unique and proprietary conference and workshop format, to enable colleagues to accrue and share knowledge, support, guidance and innovation, in an ‘open’ and ‘safe’ environment.

Mental illness directly affects at least one in four workers each year, and UK business has responded extremely positively and openly to the awareness raised by government, media, The Royals, celebrities and sports personalities.

However, companies are still unsure how to start their mental wellbeing journey to support their employees, and increase productivity and brand value.

The Shaw Mind Foundation’s PeopleBusiness can deliver a unique and proprietary format for both large group and smaller workshop events, based around;

  • authentic personal storytelling
  • subject matter expertise
  • strategy development

If you are looking to start, evolve or sustain your mental wellbeing journey and internal conversation to;

  • improve the working lives of your employees
  • increase productivity and brand value
  • energise your talent attraction and retention strategies
  • mitigate risk…

…the first or next step is a conversation with us.


Mental difference strategy development

Two day session to enable an organisation to define its vision and strategy for embracing and harnessing mental difference, and what it needs to do to deliver the strategy, communicate it to all stakeholders and align it to the overall wellbeing strategy.

Enables effective communication around a common strategic plan, for stakeholders tasked with implementing it, along with an understanding of the resource and investment required, and the productivity gain targets, deliverables and measures.


Unique psychoanalytical diagnostic tool

A unique, secure and online psychoanalytical diagnostic tool, which identifies work-related and other sources of stress and/or anxiety across the organisation.

Surfaces the hierarchy of stress factors likely to be affecting;

  • mental and physical wellbeing
  • business productivity
  • absenteeism and presenteeism
  • effective recruitment programmes
  • talent management
  • retention
  • employee relations

Identifies remedial training and solutions, including but not limited to;

  • management development
  • cultural change
  • communication and motivation skills
  • specialist training (fitness, diet, relaxation etc.)
  • personal coaching
  • counselling
  • appraisal systems
  • revision of job descriptions and job responsibilities
  • provision of personal development and education plans

Empowers future strategy and enables ongoing wellbeing investment to be targeted to where it will have most impact.

ENABLE Mental Difference Model

End to end mental wellbeing strategy delivery

Leveraging the ENABLE Mental Difference Model, let us be your trusted and strategic advisor to manage, and deliver against, your range of needs to start, evolve and/or sustain your approach to mental difference throughout the organisation, in alignment with your overall wellbeing and wider business strategy.

Complementing our core solutions and capability, The Shaw Mind Foundation’s ‘PeopleBusiness’ will manage the relationships with, and delivery of, organisations and providers across the supply chain through any discovery, validation, business case, request for information/tender, implementation and delivery phases, via authentic subject matter expertise and best practice consultancy.

Trusted relationships are already in place with providers of;

  • internal communication and collaboration tools
  • medical professional education
  • specialist research
  • leadership development
  • resilience coaching
  • compassion coaching
  • wellbeing programme delivery
  • personal development
  • personal self-discovery
  • personal support and therapy
  • diversity initiatives

You can effectively outsource as much of your end to end mental and general wellbeing aspirations as you wish, to The Shaw Mind Foundation ‘PeopleBusiness’.

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