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The Shaw Mind Foundation - your school mental wellbeing partner.

Our trainers are dedicated to improving the lives of young people. We provide them with very best tools for making wise choices, for developing great family and personal relations and building strong platforms from which children can work out who they are. Finding out what they are capable of achieving, they'll ultimately to take the leap from education and the home, and embrace adulthood with strength, confidence and clarity.

We also run training days to empower your staff to work with young people. These courses can be attended by teachers, support staff and others working in a school environment.

Pupil workshops/coaching and group work

The Shaw Mind Foundation offers workshops, group work and one-to-one coaching for children aged 6 -18  years, working in schools to support learning through the curriculum and working at home with the child/teen individually and with their family members.

Our trainers are teachers and coaches who bring a wealth of experience and expertise, combined with genuine passion for working with children. All our trainers understand the impact of mental health issues on the development of a young person: we work to build bright futures for young people by providing them with the facility to build self-esteem, confidence, resilience and positive mental attitudes, in order to provide them with the best possible toolkit with which to make the right choices on a day to day basis and for the future. We are committed to doing what we can to support young people in their mental wellbeing and to dispel the fear and stigma attached to mental health illness.

One-to-one  Life and Personal Development Coaching can take place at the child’s home, in a dedicated space at school or via phone or Skype. We work with children and teenagers on any issue that the child/teen or the parent feels they need help with. Having a trustworthy outsider for your child/teen to talk to can be very beneficial, especially if the problem is family related.

Individual Coaching

Children, like adults, need someone to talk to, who can understand the situation they are in, who will listen to them in a non-judgemental way, helping them find solutions that work for them. The Shaw Mind Foundation trainers can offer one-to-one sessions for pupils at your school to support with the following issues: anger, anti-bullying, bereavement, communication, confidence, divorce & separation, stress, teenage issues, transition/change, and many other areas causing concern.

One-Off Lessons, Workshops and Group Coaching

We develop and run bespoke courses, workshops or seminars around whatever subject you require, such as: alcohol, anger management, bullying, bereavement, change & loss, drugs, exam pressure, feelings / emotional literacy, and impact of social media and technology. We also cover various areas of mental health, including: recognising and understanding the signs and symptoms in family and friends, mental well-being and resilience training, parental expectations and how to manage them, peer pressure, raising confidence & self-esteem, and surviving family breakup. Any other topic can be covered by arrangement.

Motivational Speaking

The Shaw Mind Foundation is able to offer motivational speeches from both adults and young people who talk about their own experiences of living with mental health illness and how they are working to overcome their illness and, as in many cases, how they have achieved remarkable levels of recovery. Our presentations highlight the many reasons behind the increasing trends for self-harm, eating disorders, addictions and anxiety in young people and how these issues impact on mental health in adulthood. These are real eye-opening, honest and heartfelt presentations, allowing time for questions and answers, which provide a unique insight into the many triggers that cause mental health illness and how the many hurdles faced by young people growing up, can impact on mental health in adulthood.  Ideal for parents, teachers and young people wishing to learn more through these inspiring talks.

We also work closely with teenagers and young adults who have suffered with mental health illness in their lives, to build confidence, self-esteem and focus for the future. One element of this important work is our motivational speaker programme, where through training in leadership and the art of public speaking, we provide them with the opportunity to share their stories in schools and other organisations. These presentations not only offer dynamic and very honest observations of a life marred by mental health issues, but provides our young speakers with life-changing experiences in sharing their stories, learning the craft of public speaking and fulfilling their own ambitions to have their voices heard and make a real difference to the lives of others.

Teacher and staff training

We run training days to empower your staff to work with young people. These courses can be attended by teachers, support staff and others working in a school environment.

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing of Children

  • Explore the link between children’s emotional wellbeing and academic learning
  • Understanding children’s behaviour
  • Sharing ideas for creating an emotionally healthy school
  • Improve active listening skills
  • Raise awareness and explore our own emotions and the importance of being self-aware in order to support emotional wellbeing
  • Enhance active listening & communication skills
  • Understand and support children’s emotional wellbeing
  • Look at ways of conflict resolution
  • Promote opportunities for effective management of playground issues
  • Explore ways to deal with unacceptable behaviour

INSET training

We can offer half day and whole day INSET training for teachers on mental health and wellbeing. These training days provide teachers and other staff with the means for recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health, understanding the impact of upbringing, parental communication, school experiences and a teachers methods of communication and teaching styles, the impact of stigma and how to break this down within the school and the importance of self-care, plus providing them with a host of tools to use in school to enhance the mental wellbeing of their pupils.

We can run workshops on any special areas of concern, to enhance awareness of all aspects of mental health and wellbeing with regard to the pupils and themselves.

Bespoke Courses

Courses can be created around subjects relating to emotional wellbeing, social development and communication skills of both the staff and young people. Please contact us if you have any ideas you want to discuss.


Any size donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to those children, adults and families going through the distress caused by mental health issues.

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