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Patronage and corporate sponsorship

While The Shaw Mind Foundation relies very heavily on the general public via single or regular donations, our best chance for raising awareness of the great charity work we do and securing additional funds is through our professional patrons and charity partners, founding and corporate sponsorship patrons and our celebrity and vlogger patrons.

Why does The Shaw Mind Foundation need patrons and sponsors?

Our projects are only possible, in the main, when they are acknowledged, backed and co-funded by our patrons and sponsors – this covers a wide range of projects, including donating self-help books on mental illness to those in need, pledging money to telephone care-lines, helping children in schools with their mental health, and raising funds for the building of our dream – The Shaw Mind Foundation Mental Health Recovery and Support Centre (free at the point of need for sufferers and their families). Our bigger patrons and sponsors will make this happen.

Our bigger patrons and sponsors, along with our public patrons make our dream a reality and enable us to help those suffering from mental illness, worldwide. We really appreciate all our donations and sponsorship and we can’t thank you enough for your patronage!

Want to see who we already have as our patrons?

You can view our professional, corporate, charity and celebrity patrons here.

Professional patrons and charity partners

Professional patrons – We are looking for professionals within the mental healthcare sector who will provide their invaluable guidance, but also actively promote The Shaw Mind Foundation within their sector. Unlike our founding patrons or corporate sponsorship, we wouldn’t be seeking any monetary funding from yourself but we would be grateful for your expertise and your assistance in raising awareness of our charity amongst your peers and professional contacts.

Please download our Professional patron guide

Charity Partners – we work with other registered charities in the UK, USA and other countries to further raise awareness of mental illness and collaborate on joint marketing initiatives across digital media, social media and traditional mediums. If you are a charity and are interested in working together then please contact us using the form below.

Corporate sponsor patrons and founding patrons.

Corporate sponsor patron – It’s important that The Shaw Mind Foundation adds value to your business and has a synergy with your brand beliefs. We’ll work together to tailor a sponsorship package to meet your social responsibility business needs, to get your employees engaged and to mutually raise our awareness, together.

Founding patrons – You are likely to have either a personal or general interest in mental health and have the ways and means of promoting The Shaw Mind Foundation to a wide range of your contacts. As a founding patron we would be looking to form an alliance with you. You would be well recognised within the charity and would be expected to attend the different fundraising events we hold across the globe as well as use your position to promote the work that the foundation does and of course an annual donation!

Please download our Founding patron guide for more information.

Celebrity patrons and vloggers.

We work with celebrities and mental health vloggers who support our work and help us raise awareness of our charity and funds.

Celebrities – you will either have a compassionate approach to mental health or have suffered/suffering with a mental illness.

Vloggers – you will have your own social media platforms and followers wherein you can raise awareness of our charity and have your own page on our website.

Working together

The Shaw Mind Foundation can also tailor our partnerships to meet your goals whilst also meeting our objective of improving the mental health and wellbeing of sufferers and their families.

Whether an individual wishing to expand your philanthropic reach or a corporate seeking to promote the welfare of others, The Shaw Mind Foundation can work with you to achieve these goals.

Contact us now to find out how you can get involved

We encourage you to contact us for more information about becoming either a founding patron, professional patron or corporate sponsor. We will gladly send you one of our information packs for you to read through.

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Any size donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to those children, adults and families going through the distress caused by mental health issues.

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