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The Plan: Heads Relief, a movement and culture change for the next generation

So, what’s our plan? We will make discussion about mental health issues, and campaigning to reduce suicide, a natural thing. With a huge coalition of support, we will make organisations, companies, political parties and education institutions a key part of tackling this epidemic.

We are launching a huge international campaign, supported by celebrities and public figures, to raise awareness of these shocking statistics and the impact mental health issues are having on society as a whole. This campaign will also promote simple solutions, such as offering support, spotting warning signs, identifying and tackling bullying, breaking the taboo and ensuring people do not suffer in silence.

heads-reliefWe are creating a ‘kitemark’ under the movement of HEADS RELIEF. It will be the definitive accreditation that shows an organisation is working to tackle mental health issues, and fosters an environment in which mental health issues, which can lead to suicide, are addressed. It will be a badge that shouts: ‘We support this campaign and we are on the right side of this issue.’

Political parties, pharmaceutical companies, social media platforms, universities, schools: we invite all types of organisations to apply for the accreditation. They will be committing to the principles of The Shaw Mind Foundation, our coalition of partners and network of mental health experts. We will commit them to employ good mental health practice, put measures in place to tackle mental health problems, and share our vision for tackling suicide rates.

In conjunction with our corporate patrons, we are also developing technology that will accurately collate and asses suicide data on an annual basis. These statistics will be used to measure any trends in suicides and of course will act as a guide for measuring our key objective of reducing the number of suicides within 10 years.

The HEADS RELIEF accreditation is more than just a badge. It is a mindset.

  • Organisations that apply will get detailed guidance on how to promote a culture that protects people’s mental health
  • Organisations that are HEADS RELIEF accredited will sign up to a charter and pledge to maintain principles that protect people’s mental health
  • Organisations that are HEADS RELIEF accredited should also seek to spread the word and foster participation in the HEADS RELIEF movement

More than a campaign – a movement

To significantly reduce suicide rates within the next 10 years, we are building a huge coalition of support.

  • Leading mental health charities, psychologists and psychiatrists will contribute their expertise and influence.
  • Celebrities and public figures are central to spreading the message in the UK and the USA.
  • Companies, organisations, brands and social media platforms have the power to affect their employees, customers, products and users.
  • Governments have the power to affect policy and impact the education system.

Our movement is bringing all of these together for a combined approach to reducing suicide. This is the secret to the campaign: the bigger the movement grows and the more individuals sign up, the more power HEADS RELIEF has.

Governments, corporate entities, academic institutions and other organisations are all the more receptive when a movement has a groundswell of popular support. Becoming HEADS RELIEF accredited will be an even more attractive proposition when a potential consumer base or voting block can be galvanised.

In just a few short months, The Shaw Mind Foundation successfully garnered the support of over 100,000 UK citizens to get the government to consider mental health education properly.

With a wide coalition of international support and influencers, there is no limit to the difference we can all make for our children and the next generation.

Becoming HEADS RELIEF accredited is simple, easy and free of charge

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Any size donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to those children, adults and families going through the distress caused by mental health issues.

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